Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stop Treating Blacks as Violent People

“Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were preparing for protests on Thursday after a white officer was acquitted by a jury of killing an unarmed black man in a case that stirred tensions over racial bias in policing.” Reuters May 18, 2017

The police and city officials should announce that their preparations will not exceed the preparations across the nation when a police officer kills a white person and is acquitted or not even charged with a crime. Why should there be an assumption of violence, burning, looting and aggravated assaults when Blacks protest? Nobody assumes these things will occur when White’s protest. Unless people believe that Blacks are more likely to become violent (and that would be a bigoted, politically incorrect assumption) why should there be so much preparation? I hope that the police department and fire departments are not canceling leave.

If the police and city announce that there will not be ‘extra’ protection during the anticipated protest some business owners and members of the public may object. They should be told to ask the media if they believe that Blacks are likely to be more violent than White people during similar protests. This is important because so many more White people are killed by the police than Blacks. It almost seems as if the police hate White people, so why does everyone assume their protests will not result in burning, looting and violence? Special preparations sends the wrong message. Treat every race as if they behave the same way. Right?

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