Saturday, March 4, 2017

They Count on our Stupidity

In the latest proof that those in power count on our stupidity is the President’s statement that the Russian Ambassador met with President Obama! His assertion is that since the President met with this same ambassador as Jeff Sessions, people are hypocrites for criticizing Jeff Sessions!

The assumption is that we are so stupid that we do not know that the President is supposed to meet with Ambassadors and that private citizens are prohibited by law to try to influence foreign ambassadors and leaders. Sadly, millions of Americans are so stupid (and overwhelmed by hate) that they buy into the assertation of President Trump.

More frightening that the stupidity of so many is that President Trump may also truly believe that he suggests, or that he is insane. What is worse? A president that gleefully laughs at the stupidity of the American people, a delusional, uneducated president, or one that is insane?