Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To Reduce War . . . Sell More Arms????

Goal: A world without war.

Solution:     Arm the world with modern destructive weapons and tell everyone to discuss peace. Provide foreign aid with the requirement that other nations use those American tax dollars to buy American arms.

The United State of America was responsible for 66.3 billion dollars of arm sales abroad. The land of Democracy, freedom and love for the world provided three-quarters of the arms sold to other nations and groups around the world.

Those involved in the production and sale of U.S. arms, lobby hard to make certain we keep every nation well-armed. Eventually, many nations we armed turn on us or our interests and we need to purchase newer arms to supply our military as we go to was against the nation or group we armed.

Many Americans criticize foreign aid without understanding why it should be criticized. Critics site ‘the needs at home’ when complaining about foreign aid. This is because they think foreign aid to be a form of ‘do gooder’ help to another country. Our foreign aid is a help to American corporations, mostly in the arms or farm industries.  For example, we poured billions of dollars every year into Egypt with the requirement that Egypt’s military spend the money on procuring weapons. Today it is popular to express dismay about the control the Egyptian military has over the people. We armed that military and expected them to control their people. Yet, when the people revolted in the Arab Spring, we acted as if we wanted the Egyptian people to be free from the military all along.

If the United States wants peace, stop selling arms, stop overthrowing governments, stop assuming that what worked in an isolated country in 1776 will automatically work in nations older than hundreds of years with a dozen other nations living right next store.

Not surprisingly, many people fear the loss of jobs if we curtailed the sale of arms to foreign nations and reduced our military spending to what the military says it needs. I wonder if we could list the value of a dead human to the U.S. economy? Let’s see, the weapon used generated x number of dollars to x number of workers. produce and the result was one-hundred dead women and children.
Neither the sale of arms or the military should exist to provide jobs. Military bases should not exist to provide jobs. The fact is that when the military states they no longer need the production of a particular tank or a particular military base, our leaders refuse to allow the military to cut their budget. But that is another intelligent thought.