Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day - Include the Number of Memorials Removed Each Year in Every Celebration

Memorial Day

As we attempt to remove all memorials of the Confederacy, it seems that ceremonies surrounding Memorial Day, and perhaps Memorial Day itself, will be erased.
Will the removal of Confederate Memorials do anything to improve the test scores of Black students? Will this removal of monuments to heroes reduce the Black drug problem in any American city? Will we see fewer out of wedlock babies? Will Black fathers step up and take active roles in supporting and nurturing their children?

No. Politicians will score points or at least avoid protests and riots. Politicians will campaign on their great accomplishment of removing historical memorials as if it really helped Black people escape poverty, drug addiction and somehow improved the test scores of Black students.

Honoring the fallen military began as a ceremony that honored the 620,000 dead, both Confederate and Union. Historians believe the custom of honoring our fallen dead had begun by Confederate women before the Civil War ended. Instead of pretending that fallen Confederates were not American heroes, the Union General John A. Logan, leader of an organization for Northern Civil War veterans, called for a nationwide day of remembrance of both Confederate and Union forces.

The most familiar ceremony takes place at Armington National Cemetary, which is on the former plantation of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

During WWI and WWII, the Germans were puzzled by the number of Confederate Battle Flags flown by U.S. troops and the Japanese may have been similarly puzzled by the insignia of the Confederate Battle Flag on the USS Columbia.

 After the Battle of Okinawa, Marines raised a Confederate flag over Shuri Castle. It was visible for miles.
Should radical Blacks and liberals demand and that we cease honoring the Marines of the 1st Battalion who died on Okinawa because they not only raised this symbol of the Confederacy but let it fly for three days, will we cave to their demand?

We wonder how many of those that demand Confederate memorials be removed served in our military?

It is telling that the Union General that saw his men killed by Confederate soldiers chose to honor both Union and Confederate fallen as heroes. If any man had the right not to honor the 'enemy' is was this man. He instinctively knew what was right and just.
Once again, Americans choose to do something that does nothing to improve the nation or address the poverty, poor education, and the destruction of families within the Black community and pretend that something was accomplished.  Encouraging more radical nose-thumbing and further dividing our nation will win political votes as Black unemployment and crime among Blacks (Black victims and Black criminals) continues.

All races in our once great nation continue to thrive on bumper sticker size ‘solutions’ to complex problems that require complex solutions. Does anyone believe that Black victims or their families feel so much better after being murdered, stabbed, shot, robbed and raped because a Confederate statue was removed?

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