Saturday, July 27, 2013

I was Wrong

I consistently predicted that an immigration reform bill was coming. I based my belief on several truths.

  1. Democrats and Republicans understood that the Hispanic vote in the near and distant future was critical.
  2. Reform is needed to fix our immigration system.
  3. Until we have a just immigration policy that allows the poor to enter the country legally, we will continue to have illegal immigration.
Now, it appears possible that the Republican Party will commit political suicide and prevent a just (but far from perfect) law be enacted. It is remotely possible that the party of Lincoln will survive the next few elections. However, as more Hispanics reach voting age the pendulum will swing so hard the other way that being a Republican candidate may be a waste of time and money.

Billions will be spent on a fence. Scandals will emerge as contractors, lobbyists and politicians try to lay hands on that money. Farmers and many other corporations dependent on cheap labor will continue to encourage and employ illegal immigrants.

The mass hiring of Border Patrol Agents and the pressure put upon the recruiting of those men and women will undoubtably result in many people wearing badges that should never have been hired. Many large city police agencies experienced the same situation when forced to 'hurry up and get recurits' to fill positions. Border Patrol Agents perform a tedious and dangerous job. Most of their time is spent staring at bushes, trees, rocks and dirt. It is hot and tiresome work. Put another way, we have an army with badges, guns and an unbelievable amount of power. Most of the time they are tired, hot and bored.

Meanwhile the farmers, ranchers and other Americans that actually live on the border do not want it militarized or fenced. 

I may have been wrong.  Perhaps nothing will be done to help the situation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Civics 2013 How a Bill becomes Law

  1. A corporation, individual or group with deep pockets write a bill that provides them benefits at the expense of tax payers.
  2. Lobbyists are hired to find one or more people in congress to present the bill.
  3. Campaign money, etc. is promised from multiple groups and entities that all receive money from the originator of the bill.
  4. As money is spread around and 'meetings' are held on golf courses and at resorts around the globe, more politicians jump on the band-wagon.
  5. Key committee members are promised more campaign money.
  6. Congressmen and congresswomen attach completely unrelated amendments to the bill to bring home the pork (my next blog).
  7. The news media cranks our stories about the bill, but avoid actually providing the public with the actual bill.
  8. The bill is voted on by both Houses and the President signs it into law.
Next I will write a little about how the gravy and pork keeps flowing and then explain how to keep the public at bay.

Soon I will write about the necessity of keeping the blood of our brave military flowing so that the rich get richer.