Monday, February 13, 2017

A New Congress is Needed - One That Will Do Its Job!

Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA- commonly known as Obamacare) at least 62 times, so it is very said that they have no plan for the new Republican president.
It was hardly a secret that candidate Trump wanted to replace Obamacare, yet the Republican Congress did not finalize their plan. In fact, they did not have a plan and could not form a plan to replace Obamacare. Today, they talk about being ready with a plan next year.

The is no hue and cry to get rid of every Republican member of Congress that demanded Obamacare be repealed without a real plan. This was nothing more than grandstanding and a waste of time. We do not need congressional members that waste time.
Congress cannot deliver much to our president. It may be incompetence, the inability to work with other members of their own party, laziness, or deliberate foot-dragging because they dislike President Trump. If any member of Congress is opposed to the things that the president wants and lack the courage to say so, they should get out of Congress.

Many people fear our president is a dictator, but there is no need for worry. Our incompetent, lazy Congress prevents a dictatorship.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It Seems Obvious: We Should Not Lie

Doctors have long known about the phantom feelings that amputees express. They insist that they can feel their missing arm, hand or leg. Doctors force these people to accept the reality of their body and do not encourage them to rely on their feelings. Let me put it another way.

Suppose a man had his leg and amputated and insisted that his leg was still there because he could feel it. Imagine the result of a doctor encouraging the man to deny the reality of his body. This man would sure fall a lot.

When a man ‘feels’ that he is a woman, doctors now encourage him to follow his feelings. They chop off his penis and testicles and build him a brand new vagina! They give him breasts and help him to ease into his new sexual identity. Unless we can point to a gene or DNA module that defines gender, let’s just turn the puppy over and examine genitalia. If not, then let’s mark ‘unknown gender’ on birth certificates.

Why don’t doctors lie to amputees and build them prosthetics and tell them that they have not lost their leg or arm? Why do we refer to former cancer patients as cancer survivors instead of simply denying the existence of their cancer? It seems as obvious as which restroom I should use.

Tomorrow, I may awaken and feel like I am a chicken. Hopefully, the doctors and society will recognize that I am a chicken. Frankly, my family could use the fresh eggs.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Divide and Conquer

Watching violent protestors, reading hateful comments on blog-sites about Americans, and listening to conversations on the radio caused me to wonder what happened to the 'home of the brave'.

We should be careful about overreacting and be careful of people who are stirring up fear. Americans are divided into extreme, no tolerance point of views. 

The paradox in our views is that everyone believes that they love America, but we express hatred to fellow Americans with a different opinion and view. Both sides have legitimate arguments and concerns.

The presidential election showed politicians who are tone deaf to the frustrations of millions of Americans who believe that we need real political change. Many of those people are saying, “Finally, we have a president who is doing something.” Imagine being so frustrated that people are happy because their president is ‘doing something’! Many are happy and many others are angry because we have a president who is keeping political promises made throughout a campaign.

Peaceful political protest is right and justified. Thinking that protestors or even those that simply disagree with a government policy are ‘idiots’ only shows a closed mind. America needs open minds, fresh ideas, and respect for fellow Americans. 

How can we want the world to respect us when we do not respect ourselves?

If ‘divide and conquer’ is a valid strategy for winning, are we not setting ourselves up to be conquered?