Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Police - Waco Texas Biker Fight - Blame the Cops

The biker gangs fought each-other and the police. Now here is the reality.
When three rival gangs are fighting with chains, knives and brass knuckles the surrounding police are not going to jump into the melee. News reports state that the bikers shot at police and that the police shot at the bikers. Officers arrested 170-people and nine people (presumably bikers) were killed. 18 others were wounded.

The morning after this gang fight, NPR and 'experts' spoke on the air. The first criticism about the police response was that they should have done more to prevent the fight and been pro-active. Relax. This criticism will soon change. Most, if not all of the dead bikers were probably shot by the police. The new criticism will be that the police started the gun-fight and killed these unarmed men. If only those mean only police officers would have blew kisses at the bikers and did their part to make them feel loved! After-all, most of these gang members join because they feel unloved and are in need of some form of family. How stupid can the police be?

Reality: these biker gangs work as hit men for other organized crime groups. These bikers transport and sell coke, meth and other assorted drugs. Gee, is it possible they work for and with the Mexican cartels? Nahh, they might ride in Texas near the border but they would never do such a bad thing.

By the end of this week the blame game will focus on the police.

I don't know why the police don't 'get it'. It is very simple. Be nice. Meet fists, knives and guns with a smile and love. Never, under any circumstance, be proactive AND don't wait until a crime occurs - prevent it. Never, initiate any contact with a black male. Prevent the murders and rapes in black ghettos. It should be easy because the victims and witnesses agree that the suspects are black

To be a police officer today seems like such a stress-free and happy place.