Sunday, June 26, 2016

Insensitive Police - say Politicians

The Baltimore City Police Commissioner and City officials state that the comments made by the Baltimore Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police were insensitive. The comments expressed relief and a sense of justice over the dismissal of all charges against a Baltimore Police Officer in the death of a drug dealer.

Citizens would expect the Police Commissioner to support his officers and be happy that his officers were found not guilty by the Black judge hearing the case. The judge carefully listed all of the problems with the prosecutor's case - the main problem being the complete lack of ANY evidence. We would expect the Police Commissioner to be jumping for joy! Under his watch, the officer was found not guilty. Instead, this gutless wonder bowed to political pressure and criticized the FOP for being insensitive in their comments!

We expect the city politicians to play the game. The trouble is that the Police Commissioner is just a Baltimore City political employee. It was not always this way. The Police Commissioner used to be appointed by the governor to remove city politics from the police department. Today, the mayor simply appoints a kiss-up.

Mr. Commissioner and members of the Baltimore City Council! Was it insensitive when Blacks robbed, burglarized, assaulted, burned and looted? I do not recall any criticism of those felony crimes.

Was it insensitive of the States Attorney to demand that looters and arsonist be given space? Was it insensitive of the Police Commissioner to ignore his sworn duty to uphold the law? Was he insensitive by not ordering his officers to enforce the law and protect the citizens? Was the Commissioner insensitive to allow my 72-year-old sister to remain a prisoner in her home because of the lack of police effort to control the looters?

How I wish that EVERY Baltimore City Officer had laid their guns and badges on the floor of every police station and went on strike. (They could not lay their badges on the floor of the Police Commissioner's office because it is guarded by goons.


The Brexit vote is about blaming ‘them’ or ‘the others’ for everything that is wrong in the lives of citizens and the nation.
The rise of Donald Trump is about blaming ‘them’ or ‘the others’ for everything that is wrong in the lives of citizens and our own nation.

Regardless of the final outcome, Brexit or remain, Trump or Clinton, the economy is not going to improve. Jobs will not return to America. America will not magically change into the 1950’s.

If the fantasy of 11 million people being deported from the USA and a giant magical wall ended illegal immigration, our economy may actually worsen. Does even one rational person really believe that suddenly taxes will be reduced because ‘those people’ are gone? In a few states where draconian laws resulted in an exodus of people, taxes increased! Politicians cited sharp declines in sales tax revenue. Businesses declared bankruptcy or simply closed.

Does anyone believe that the quality of education will increase because schools are no longer overcrowded or need to provide bilingual education? Maybe you believe that prisons, courts and the police will ask for budget reductions without those illegals to contend with.

Brexit and Mr. Trump are signs that the average worker is fed-up and angry. The average worker wants someone to blame (other than the 1% of the super-rich that keep the average worker broke). People of color are always popular targets because they are easily identified and ‘different’.
Nothing much will change. Should Mr. Trump win the election, he will blame congress for the failure of his magic pixie dust that was supposed to change everything. Should Mrs. Clinton win, Trump and conservatives will blame her election for the lousy economy and lousy jobs. In either event, the Muslims remain a convenient target and we always have the Blacks to blame for everything.

An interesting side note: we conservatives love to tout self-reliance and criticize the whiners and complainers while we whine, complain and blame others for our misfortunes.