Sunday, August 28, 2016

He Should Have Played the Quiet Game

Suppose Donald Trump kept his mouth shut. 

Regardless of what you may think of Mr. Trump, I find this supposition interesting. Without all of the controversial remarks and flamethrower language after he secured the nomination the media would have been constantly focused on Hillary Clinton. The e-mails, the lies, and her entire history in politics would have been the focus of the media. Oh, some of Mr. Trump’s past and things that he said during the run-up to the convention would have been targeted, but Hillary Clinton would have made for much more interesting reading.

When Mr. Trump was asked about his previous statements, for example the deportation of illegal immigrants, he could have given a brief answer that he will always do what the people demand and what is best for the country. Evasive? Yes. Bland? Yes. But he would not have wounded himself.

Whatever we think of Trump, he remains his own worst enemy. He has said so many horrible things that many believe he remains close friends with the Clintons and is deliberately helping her.

Suppose Donald Trump kept his mouth shut.