Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What in the Hell Just Happened?

How did he win? My messages and phone calls on the 'morning after' were pretty much the same. "How did he win?" Everyone wanted to know how Donald Trump became President-Elect Trump. Just because I do well in Las Vegas, people seem to think I have the answers. Well, I have a few.

Half of the nation hated Mr. Trump and half hated Mrs. Clinton. This was, for many, a choice of voting against the person we hated the most. I asked a lot of people how they would vote and they all gave similar answers. "I can't vote for that person". I don't recall anyone actually listing the wonderful things that their candidate would do. That being said, many people told me that they would support Mr. Trump because he would be different and change things. In other words, people were disgusted with the same old government. 

I believe that even members of NOW supported Mr. Trump, even though he is a pig when it comes to women. Women also want change. Also, women are more sophisticated than Mrs. Clinton thinks and they will not vote for a woman just because she is a woman. (Besides, in this world, gender can change and we can't even figure out who should use which bathroom).

Also, a lot of working class people are sick of being ignored, lied to and taken for granted. 

Fear? Yes, fear was a motivation. People are afraid of all Muslims, thanks to the press and hate sites like Breitbart. Mr. Turmp stoked those fires and tossed in Mexicans just to make sure all Whites were afraid and angry. He also used the age-old technique of blaming "them". As Hitler's propaganda machine said, the masses love to blame 'them' and if you combine fear and hate, you can easily control the masses.

Mrs. Clinton tried to convince us that we should fear Mr. Trump having the launch codes. The reason that did not work is that we were conditioned long ago to blame 'them' and to fear 'them' and we were taught to believe that if it were not for "them" all of our problems would be solved. Mrs. Clinton was presenting a brand new fear when she warned us that Mr. Trump was unstable.

So we have a new president. Get over it. Don't cry. Don't skip college classes because you are too sad. At the end of the day, President-Elect Trump received more Electoral votes.

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