Thursday, November 3, 2016

In a Nutshell

Poor people, homeless people, poor unskilled refugees and migrants, Muslims, and especially poor people of color need to just go away. We do not care about your problems. We don’t want to see it, hear about it or read about it. We just want you out of our lives. (We can’t admit this because it might sound as if we are bigots and condescending. However, it takes too much effort to cite make-believe reasons for our hidden beliefs).

We want all jobs that were outsourced to other nations, returned to the USA and we want all the robotics and computers (the real cause of job losses) to disappear. 

We also want those high wages for those old jobs and we expect the cost of living not to rise so that those wages can be paid and so we can stop inexpensive imports.

We want a magical wall that separates Mexico from the USA in such a way that no ladder or tunnel will circumvent this wall. We expect the government to build this wall without seizing any private property and we expect Mexico to pay for this wall. 

Although our puny minds have not realized that we will also ‘need’ a magic wall along our border with Canada to prevent the hundreds of thousands of refugees they plan to accept from entering the USA, we want that too. Perhaps Canadians will pay for that wall.

Since we don’t realize that Mexico is the second largest purchaser of US exports, we don’t ask for a solution for the jobs we will lose as we begin a tariff war.

Yes, this is what we want.

I call this little missive “In a Nutshell” because we know what we find inside of a nutshell: nuts.

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