Thursday, July 28, 2016

To Be(lieve) or not To Be(Lieve)

Believability is, like everything else in this election cycle; it is turned upside down. 

Clinton’s lack of trustworthiness throws everything she says and promises into question. She desperately wants us to believe.

Trumps problem, at least with Independents and the undecided, is that they don’t want to believe him, especially at his worst. Who wants to believe that Mexicans coming to America are rapists, drug-dealers, and killers?

Both candidates chose their running mates in the hope that their honesty and views are what we will trust. Both candidates would have us ‘believe’ that the presidency shares power with the vice-president. The VP only has one constitutional job and that is to continue to breathe. The VP awakes each morning and asks, “Is the president still alive?” and has no other constitutional duty. The president can choose to engage with the VP and can choose to totally ignore and not even speak with the VP.

So we are back to the candidates.

Trump is so bizarre that he claims not to know if he will simply resign after being elected! Is this part of the effort to have us ignore all of his other bizarre statements and hope that he does resign? Who knows?

Clinton is such a liar that we wonder if she even knows the truth. Does she believe that because she believes her lies that we also believe her?

Both candidates are working hard to convince us that the other choice is even worse than they are as they continue the race to the bottom. 

Believe it or not.

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