Sunday, July 31, 2016

Election Results - Workers Get the Shaft

Clinton 68 years old
Trump 70 years p;d

One of these people will become our next president. On inauguration day, she will be 69, and he will be 70. (Reagan was 69 when inaugurated the first time). Not that age matters. Many people grow and learn new ideas in their 70's, and there are not any diseases that affect the elderly.

Passions are running exceptionally high among many voters. The rest of us are damn near ready to flip a coin. Fanatics demand that others vote 'their' way, instead of being open to more than one point of view. The candidates?

Trump and the Clintons shared drinks, dinners, and views. Trump donated to her Senate campaign and the Clinton Foundation. Until his run for the presidency, he espoused so many liberal views that there was speculation that he was only running to help Hillary. Recently, Trump was asked if he won, would he simply resign. He said, "we will see."

Hillary and Trump are both so egocentric that they should understand each-other perfectly. Either will crush anyone that gets in their way. Hillary did not stand by her man as the constant parade of bimbos climbed into Bill’s bed. She stood by her ‘power’. She would step on Bill in a heartbeat if it gave her more power.

Either could win.

This election is not about the candidates (although many fear that Trump is insane and Hillary lies so much that she really believes some of her lies and is angered when we do not). This election is about beliefs, dreams, and desires. This election is about fear, distrust, and blame. This election is about emotions and not about candidates.

Will Trump push the button? Will Hillary allow us to be overrun with Muslims, terrorists, and Mexicans? Will American jobs return? Will we go to war?

What will happen in Congress? Will our nation be completely dead-locked with no changes? Most of what the candidates propose requires Congress to act and/or the Supreme Court to remain silent. Regardless of who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Supreme Court Justices will continue to surprise us. Supposed liberals have voted for conservative views, and supposed conservatives have agreed with liberal judges. Maybe nothing changes.

Whatever happens and whoever wins, America will continue to be a divided nation. Neither side will be powerless. Meanwhile, the rich will get richer, and the worker will continue to pay the bills.

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