Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The game plan: Why They March and Protest

The most recent racially charged drama involves a white officer who cursed, pulled his weapon and arrested a teenage girl. The media limits its report and discussion to these facts, as captured on a video. There are facts that the media will not discuss or even include in their reports.

  1. Officers received a call to a large disturbance at a private pool.
  2. Before the call, A DJ setup in a public space next to the private pool in the neighborhood and played loud explicit (F-bomb) music for multiple hours (it is unclear if he was invited by a resident as no one has claimed responsibility).
  3. The DJ was tweeting out invites to a “pool party” for $15 (obviously unauthorized by the neighborhood).
  4. The teens began fighting with each other and pushing their way into the private pool. Some were jumping the fence. The security guard was accosted when he tried to stop the beginnings of this mob scene.
  5. Some residents tried to settle things down. The teens started yelling racial slurs at the residents and started assaulting people and property (throwing bottles at cars and attacking a mother at the private pool with three young children).
  6. The first officer on the scene was by himself. By that time, the party had grown to a large, aggressive crowd. As the officer arrived, many teens started running through the neighborhood. Many of the teens were being very aggressive and yelling at the officers as more arrived.

Today, in another city, protestors are camped out in front of the mayor's house to protest the results of an investigation into the death of a black boy who was running around waiving a gun that turned out not to be a real gun. By the way, the investigation is not even complete and the protesters know that the mayor is out of state.

The Ferguson Missouri protestors are demanding the pay they were promised by protest organizers.

So what is the game plan?

For politicians and community organizers the game plan is to gain publicity and move a step up the ladder.

For Blacks it is the possibility of getting huge payouts in the form of reparations for injustices done in the recent past. (Their original attempt at reparations for injustices up to the Civil War went nowhere).

For the media it is viewership, readership and a larger radio audience.

The biggest losers will not be law enforcement, although individual law enforcement officers will be sacrificed to mob justice (or the mobs demand for justice). The biggest losers will be the descent and hard-working Black Americans that are trying to escape the ghettos. The biggest losers will be Black children who will grow up believing that they are victims.

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