Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baltimore - One of the Finest City Police Departments in the Nation

The Police Union and the Fraternal Order of Police should hold press conferences every week and insist that the mayor and states attorney step down. Until that time, the working cops should simply take reports. The Union and FOP should emphasize that businesses are fleeing the city and new businesses, conventions and tourists should stay out of Baltimore.

Why are both representatives of Baltimore Police afraid to go head-to-head with the Mayor? There is the unspoken threat that the city will refuse either group to use payroll deductions for dues paying members. This threat has existed for decades. Should that occur they should sue the city and decide the issue once and for all.

Crime Rates have fallen over the past several yeas and the experts cannot explain why because their ‘expert’ opinion has consistently been that crime rises because of unemployment and poverty. During the recent period of high unemployment and increased poverty, crime went down. How inconvenient for the liberal experts!

Experts ignore the constant hard work of police officers, as they used zero tolerance; neighborhood oriented policing and crime analysis to determine police deployment. The use of tactical teams and bicycle squads and flex squads to jump out on known drug corners and open-air drug markets not only deters the illegal sale of narcotics, but they also affect street crime. The fact that hard working proactive police work has driven crime down does not fit the liberal expert narrative.

A simple fact is that when the police arrest someone after a crime has been committed, at least one crime was already committed. When police deter someone from committing a crime because the criminal fears the police will suddenly appear, crime goes down.

If only the Baltimore Police would demand that the States Attorney and Mayor resign and then insist that the City Council publicly support the police and ask for a zero tolerance policy in high crime neighborhoods, the Baltimore Police might start a national trend.

Racism and brutality should never be tolerated and allegations should be thoroughly investigated – as they are in Baltimore. The Baltimore City Police Department’s Internal Investigation Division is unrelenting in their investigations. Many officers are cleared of the accusation bought against them but are still hammered for ‘conduct not alleged’. The Baltimore Police Command Staff is a meat grinder when it comes to crushing a working police officer.

Businesses need an ironclad guarantee from a new mayor and a new States Attorney that future looters, arsonists and mobs will be crushed. The National Guard should never respond to a riot and be told to just stand and watch criminals destroy and burn. A new mayor and States Attorney that publicly announce their support of strong police actions are needed for Baltimore to keep the few remaining business in Baltimore and encourage others to establish a business in ‘Charm City’.

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