Thursday, April 19, 2012

Outcomes Matter -

Imagine that you switched electricity providers because you were promised great savings. What would you do if the result of switching actually cost you much more?

As a conservative I am concerned about outcomes more than goals and plans. When a plan is implemented to achieve a goal, I want to examine the outcomes. When the outcomes are great and the goals were achieved, I study the process to make it stronger so that I can implement the plan and improve on the outcomes. When the outcome is horrible and not one goal is accomplished, I am ready to move on.
Arizona and Alabama (and many other states) stated that higher taxes to run schools, higher taxes to run hospitals, higher taxes to run social programs and higher taxes to address crime resulted from illegal aliens. Arizona and Alabama passed draconian laws to push illegal aliens from their soil and we successful in causing the vast majority of illegal aliens to leave their states.

Now is the time to measure the outcomes. Are taxes for schools, prisons, hospitals and social programs lower? No. Has the crime rate dropped lower than other states near the border? No. Are hospitals, police, social services asking for smaller budgets? No. Has overtime been reduced? No.
In both states there are now many job openings. However, Americans will not take those jobs. They don’t want to clean fish and pick vegetables. Some businesses are going out of business because they cannot find dependable employees. Those businesses explain that they compete with China and the rest of the world so they cannot raise wages. China and South America ship fish, vegetables and fruit to the USA at very low prices.

Some of our largest farmers have purchased farms in Mexico to solve part of their labor problem. If these ventures prove successful, we may see farms to be the next big business that moves jobs out of America.
Results are what matters.
Arizona and Alabama clearly stated that the reason for the laws were that the illegal immigrant caused the higher taxes, higher crime, etc. Outcomes matter. Tax revenues are down since the illegal immigrants took flight. They no longer shop for clothes, groceries or other items in those states and sales taxes are down. Many that worked under false social security numbers are no longer paying any state income taxes in those states. As businesses that no longer have enough workers to remain profitable close their doors, there will be more unemployment and lower payroll taxes.

Sputter and rant about illegal immigration and shake your fist at the sky. Then do two things.

1.       Examine the result of illegal immigrants being forced to leave Alabama and Arizona in an unbiased manner. Look at the FBI Crime Stats, not some politicians claim. Look at the numbers. Ask the politicians about the reduction in taxes that should have resulted.

2.       Pretend that you are explaining your point of view to Jesus.

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