Thursday, January 5, 2012

Real and Present Danger

The people with real power see the real and present danger of mass communication. If the Internet and cell phone mass communication remain unchecked, the people may accidentally focus on the people with real power. For example, it is possible that a couple of hundred million Americans may seek the elimination of all arms sales to foreign countries as a good thing. Perhaps the American people will constantly focus on the fact that Congress can legally invest and sell stocks based on their inside knowledge of laws that are about to be passed or stalled in committee that will directly affect certain stocks. Suppose either of those two items replaced the amount of 'talk' about illegal aliens? The first thing you know some very powerful people and lawmakers could see the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars!

The average person can be misled for a long time, but the mass communication technology could be a game changer and wake up the populace. Granted, the government has done an amazing job of keeping us dependent and stupid through our education system, but this could all change. Yes, we will soon see calls to severely limit the Internet, tweets, and texting.

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