Monday, June 5, 2017

Election Influence by Terrorists?

Theresa May’s election poll numbers were dropping before the terrorist attacks. Pundits said that the people are more worried about local issues than Brexit, which has been the focus of Ms. May’s campaign and the reason she called for an election.

Now, the terrorists have struck again. She is in a difficult place. No matter what she does there can be another terrorist attack before the election and this could spell disaster for Ms. May.

She could do something that has not been done before to combat terrorists, but whatever she does or does not do, another attack could still result in a defeat at the polls.

Smart politicians will keep quiet and not make specific proposals and not criticize her until another attack occurs. If she is smart, she will do what she can to get opponents on the record

How sad it is to think that terrorist can have such influence over an election.

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