Sunday, January 8, 2017

NPR False Reporting, Again

This morning, January 8, 2017, NPR did it again!

It was widely reported during the past two days that the gunman who shot people in a Florida airport was previously in police custody. Those reports stated that the police took him to a mental health facility where he was accepted and later released. At the time he was taken to the mental health facility the police seized a gun and loaded magazine that belonged to the suspect. It was widely reported that when he was released and not adjudicated to have a mental health problem that endangered himself of the the public that the police were required to return his gun and ammunition. The police followed the law and returned his gun and ammunition.

NPR even ran this report yesterday.

Today's news on NPR had a different slant. The new report began by stating that although there were concerns about the mental health of the shooter, the police returned his gun and ammunition. No mention of the fact that the mental health experts released the suspect and that the police had no choice but to return the gun and ammunition. The remaining story continued to imply that the police did the unthinkable and gave this man his gun and ammunition in spite of concerns about the man's mental health.

It seems as if NPR simply wants to stir up controversy and to make the police look like simpletons.

Why listen to NPR? I like to hear what the enemy of decency puts out to the liberal listeners so I can better understand why so many people hold the police in such low esteem.

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