Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Buyer Be Ware!

GOOGLE the product name and the word ‘complaints’ before you buy.

People read Internet adds, view Internet photos and videos and plunk down big bucks without investing one-minute to read the complaints about products that are easily found with a simple GOOGLE search.

Although every product and service will likely have a few complaints, the minute it takes to read the complaints is worth our time.

Here is an example. A friend of mine in law enforcement was excited to tell me that he just received his Tactical Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight for $56 (it normally sells for $116 according to the company website). He told me about the amazing power of this flashlight and I asked him to show me the website where he made this amazing purchase.

My friend watched as I opened a new tab in my browser and googled the words “Shadowhawk X800 complaints” and watched my friends face sadden as he read the results. I clicked on one of the ‘Do Not Buy’ results of that google search and we read: 

“I believe this company, the subject of numerous BBB complaints is a previous incarnation of Shadowhawk. They've changed the name, but the product is still a rebranded Ultrafire 878 and the shady behavior combined with internet hype matches.”

It was easy to find hundreds of such complaints.
We visited the Ultrafire 878 website. The photo and specs were identical to the Shadowhawk X800 – the price tad $10.01!

This is only one example. Keep in mind that there will almost always be some complaints about a product. However, a few minutes of reading the complaints is well worthwhile.

Google can be an amazing consumer protection tool.

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