Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Child Shooters

Why are school children in Mexico, Canada, England not shooting teachers and students?

It takes 3 things for these shootings to occur:

  1. A person to pull the trigger,
  2. Victims,
  3. A gun.

Many argue that better mental health treatment would solve the problem. Many argue that armed victims can prevent these shootings. Is there better mental health care in Mexico? Are potential victims and teachers armed in Mexico? What could be the reason that they have virtually no students shooting students and teachers in Mexico? What could be the reason? Better parenting? Better metal detectors?

Gun owners will respond that they have cartels in Mexico because of the average citizen does not own a gun. I guess organized crime, the mafia, the Crips, the Bloods, and a dozen other gangs that infest every city in America are all in our imaginations because the average citizen can own a gun. Doesn't it seem like we read about a good citizen fighting it out with the Crips?

As for politicians and the government, they certainly have no fear because we own guns. They own tanks, fighter jets, and have a military that is more powerful than the next 20-countries combined military power. The only fear politicians have concerning gun ownership is the powerful gun lobby.

I wonder why there are almost no school shootings in so many other countries? I guess they all have better mental health care, no violent society, better security at the schools. Just like Mexico.

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