Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Real Issues

So many e-mails and so many comments on the web focus on name calling and trivia about President Obama. I am a conservative and fear that our failure to focus on the economy and the issue of jobs helps President Obama in his re-election bid.

Naughty photos (not real porn) that are alleged to be the deceased mother of the President are again making the rounds. Since they were not published, the woman may have done this for her husband. Many women do just that and at the end of the day, who cares? If your daughter posed for naughty photos does that me none of her children can ever aspire to the Oval Office?

Of course the birthers are adding their 2-cents worth. If there were proof of this allegation, do you really believe that no rich Republican would have produced conclusive proof? The fact is that we cannot prove it so let's move on to real issues.

So much trash is flying around that I wonder if everyone thinks the the president did so great a job that they can't cite real issues.

Maybe we've just devolved into a soap-opera mind-set and no longer care about jobs, the economy, the bail-out, and the fact that the ultra-rich corporations move jobs to the slave labor countries at the expense of our workers. Maybe we prefer sensationalism over truth and facts.

I have one friend that stopped sending me chain e-mails and said, "I stopped sending them to you because you keep checking the facts and then explain to me that the stories were false." Think about that! My friend does not want to know that the stories she sends to her friends are fake. She just enjoys the gossip or showing she is 'in the know' so much that she forwards idiotic and false emails to her friends and family!

Independents and undecided votes count and they count a lot! It is believed that Mr. Obama received many of these votes because people hated the racist remarks made by conservatives. Since that is a possibility, don't you think we should be very careful and simply state the facts?

If that is not enough, perhaps we should stick to relevant issues because it is the moral and smart thing to do.

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