Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diffculty of Finding Facts- Immigration Example

Often we are overwhelmed with facts. The issues surrounding immigration provide but one example. Even expert studies cannot agree on the impact of illegal immigration. A federal study concluded that there are so many conflicting reports about the cost of illegal immigration to individual states, that it is impossible to agree on the actual cost. However, the federal government concluded that the cost is minimal and there actually may be no cost.

Social Security payments, Worker Compensation Insurance are two 'taxes' that are paid by many illegal workers that cannot be paid to these workers when they retire or are injured. Every illegal alien pays sales tax and support the U.S. economy when they buy goods.

For me it is all simple. Not too long ago most people agreed that there were 20 million illegal workers in the United States and many said that they were costing taxpayers millions.
Today, most agree that there are 10 million illegal workers. Most sources support this belief.

IF the illegal immigrants are responsible for high taxes to social service agencies, schools and hospitals I want my taxes reduced! After all, if half of the reason my taxes were high was due to the 20 million illegal workers and half are gone, we should be seeing a huge tax reduction.

Any law that is designed to reduce the number of people on U.S. soil without authorization that is created because of the impact those people have on taxes, schools and hospitals should be linked to an equal reduction in taxes and funding for schools and hospitals. After all, when 'those people' are gone, there should be a huge tax windfall.

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